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WM Series by Tim Webber


New Zealand-based designer Tim Webber has created the WM Series (wood/metal).

Description from Tim Webber:

The “WM series” (wood/metal) can be described as a clean, stripped back aesthetic, with the simplicity of the forms and mixture of materials creating bold, striking items. The works are an exploration of the relationship between some of the two most common materials used in furniture design – wood and metal. The idea was to see how they can contrast yet complement each other in a single piece of furniture or lighting.

Both materials hold quite different emotional responses that have been developed over time through people’s personal experiences with various objects. Wood typically holds a very warm, rich, natural feel, while steel is often described as cold, hard and unforgiving. However, when these two materials are mated together there seems be a harmony that forms in the juxtaposition of these two very different materials.

Metal components of the furniture and lighting have been finished in vibrant powdercoat colours, which I think enhances this contrast between the wood and metal, all while creating approachable objects that have the ability to inject striking colour and warmth into any environment.

The powdercoat finish is also a nice exploration aesthetically due to the almost plastic type look it gives the steel, which somewhat alters the metals’ characteristics. It’s not until the item is personally touched and held that it becomes clear the metal still holds its typical traits.

Visit Tim Webber’s website – here.

Photography by Simeon Patience

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